Would the CP3-IQ trade be ideal for the Knicks?

The Phoenix Suns have informed Chris Paul that they want to forfeit him. CP3 therefore will be a free agent and the Knicks are among the franchises where the player could land.

Chris Paul is a player who has been followed for years by the Knicks who now have the opportunity to trade him. The Suns have already stated they want Immanuel Quickley. Would this trade make sense?

We don’t know how old Chris Paul will be able to play again, but we do know that Quickley is instead at the beginning of his career. Sure, a veteran like Paul could be useful for the Knicks, but Quickely would give guarantees for many years.

A lot will also depend on Thobodeau’s game. He wants more depth, in this, Chris Paul could be ideal for the Knicks. If you look only at the style of play, Chris Paul would be an excellent move for the Knicks. The arrival of the veteran could ignite the MSG even more, but giving up Quickely could prove detrimental over time.