Video of Josh Hart destroying Indiana resurfaces ahead of Pacers series

The New York Knicks eliminated the Philadelphia 76ers on Thursday to advance to the Eastern Conference semifinals, where they will face the Indiana Pacers. This may not be good news for a member of the Knicks.

Video of Knicks forward Josh Hart relentlessly trashing Indiana State on his “Roommates Show” podcast with Jalen Brunson resurfaced Thursday. The topic came up in February, when Hart and his teammates were discussing how Indianapolis had set up a temporary basketball court at their airport to promote this year’s All-Star Game.

Hart had virtually nothing good to say about Indiana, and even when he played against the Pacers, he hardly wanted to be there.

“I’m not going to Indiana. If I don’t have to face the Indiana Pacers, I won’t set foot in that state,” Hart said. “I don’t want to be in Indiana for any All-Star break, nothing. I’m not an Indiana guy. I’m not an Indiana fan”.

“They have a White Castle there and I love White Castle. It’s the only solid thing about Indiana. And Long’s donuts, the bakery: fireside donuts. If it weren’t for these two things? Indiana, the bottom of the barrel”.

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