New York Knicks fans go wild after team beats Philadelphia 76ers in Game 6

Brian Lewis of the New York Post wrote about Knicks fan activities at the Wells Fargo Center during Game 6.

Although only about 15% of Knicks fans were in the area, they made sure to make their presence felt throughout the game. They chanted and chanted throughout the game, letting Joel Embiid know that they would be as strong as they were in Game 4.

Tom Thibodeau talked about how he played in such a hostile crowd despite having many Knicks fans in attendance:

“Philly is a great sports city, great. I coached here a couple of years a long time ago and their fans are amazing. It’s a great basketball city in terms of great high school basketball, great college basketball and a great professional team with a rich history. So it’s a great atmosphere to be in.

“And then obviously I think the proximity to New York has led us to have a lot of fans here too. We feel like we have the best fans in the world. They travel well, so they come with us wherever we go. But it was wonderful to play in that atmosphere where there is so much passion among the fans.”

The chant worked wonders as the Knicks were on fire throughout the game. All starters scored in double figures, with Brunson’s 41 leading the way.

Thibs, Brunson and the rest of the Knicks hope the fans show up like they did when they faced the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

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