Knicks’ Jalen Brunson perfectly trolled Kenny Smith during postgame interview

Jalen Brunson scored 14 of his game-high 41 points in the fourth quarter to help the New York Knicks advance to the Eastern Conference semifinals with a 118-115 win over the Philadelphia 76ers in familiar surroundings at the Wells Fargo Center. where he played some of the biggest games of his college career for the Wildcats.

At one point, Brunson, after hitting a clutch shot in the fourth quarter, appeared to roll his eyes at Villanova’s 2016 championship banner hanging from the rafters.

Then, during a postgame interview with the TNT Inside the NBA team of Ernie Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith, Brunson made sure that Smith, a University of North Carolina alumnus, Don’t forget the 2016 national championship game, where the Wildcats defeated the Tar Heels.

Barkley began the interview by asking Brunson if he felt Philadelphia was a special place for him to play. Brunson responded that he believes he “definitely” is, pointing out the program’s three championship flags. Then it was Smith’s turn to ask a question.

Brunson, hearing Smith’s voice, asked, “Is this Kenny?”

“Yes!” Smith said.

“Small banger of 2016, Kenny,” Brunson said, as Smith and his TNT colleagues roared with laughter.

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