Would Chris Paul be useful to the Knicks? Doubts about his many injuries and the Suns want Quickley

Chris Paul’s departure from the Phoenix Suns appears to be imminent. Although he has had many injuries in recent seasons, Paul remains a veteran who could use several teams. Among these are the Knicks.

Paul remains a top-level guard in the league, but he needs to be healthy. In fact, there are doubts about his physique. His playing time has dropped dramatically in recent years. Paul is 38 years old, however, experienced he is, continuous injuries have affected and can continue to do so even if he lands at the Knicks.

If Paul were to be traded by the Knicks, Thibodeau would have a smaller role ready for him. Paul would be invaluable to the Knicks as a third guard behind Jalen Brunson and Immanuel Quickley.

Paul’s arrival in New York would be easy enough with the Knicks pack Evan Fournier, Obi Toppin, and one of Isaiah Hartenstein and Miles McBride. Phoenix, however, will ask for Quickley but the Knicks don’t want to deprive themselves of him.

Everything would become easier if Paul becomes a free agent, then there is no doubt that the choice of him will fall on New York.