The Knicks are expected to go all-in for a $251 million star player

The New York Knicks should go all-in if the Washington Wizards lean towards rebuilding and put three-time All-Star Bradley Beal up.

“I imagine if he becomes available, you would see the Knicks being very aggressive and trying to take him”, Knicks MSG game broadcast analyst Alan Hahn said on ESPN’s Get Up Tuesday.

Hahn’s remark comes on the heels of ESPN’s NBA insider Brian Windhorst reporting on the same show that teams are monitoring the Wizards, who have hired a new front office.

“Michael Winger, the president of the Washington Wizards, said he has received approval from the ownership to do a complete rebuild,” Windhorst said on Get Up. “And that left everyone in the league wondering about Bradley Beal’s future.”

Beal’s trading could be tricky as he has a no-trade clause in his $251 million supermax contract.