The reasons why Immanuel Quickley can’t fail next season

Some may think that Immanuel Quickley has proven to be a cog in the Knicks’ system, but in reality he still has a lot to prove.

Although Quickley demonstrated phenomenal two-way skills during the second half of last season, a sloppy start to the season nearly led to a trade, and a quiet postseason is part of the reason his extension talks with New York are stuck.

Quickley will become a restricted free agent after next season, meaning the Knicks will be able to match any other team’s offer. However, the sixth man is seeking a lucrative extension, with recent reports suggesting he wants a contract similar to that of his teammate, Jalen Brunson.

To give the Knicks more reason to pay a bench player nine figures, Quickley needs to prove that his success last season is sustainable. Rather than pay him based on four great months, the Knicks need to see Quickly put it all together for a full season.