The 4-time NBA champion talks about Knicks star Jalen Brunson

Four-time NBA champion Draymond Green of the ousted Golden State Warriors doesn’t believe the New York Knicks will win a championship with Jalen Brunson as their star.

His reason?

“A ball-dominant Jalen Brunson is not going to get you to the ‘Promised Land,’” Green said on his podcast “The Draymond Green Show” on May 4.

Brunson, however, had to shoulder the scoring burden for the Knicks after their other All-Star, Julius Randle, suffered a season-ending dislocated shoulder in January.

Since Randle was injured on Jan. 27, Brunson has increased his scoring (31.6 points), shooting 48.1 percent on 23.1 field goal attempts and assists (7.1) from 26.5 points ( 47.8% while shooting on 19.5 field goal attempts and 6.4 assists).

With Brunson taking his game to another level, the Knicks advanced to the second round of the postseason for the second straight year. However, Green doubled down on his opinion that the Knicks are not a championship-caliber team with Brunson dominating the scoring.

“The Knicks are on their way to the second round led by Jalen Brunson,” Green said. “Oh, but let me tell you he wasn’t as dominant as he was,” Green said. Donte DiVincenzo, who I told you had to play well, needed adjustments to get on the field and help the team, finished with 23 points. A lot of Knicks fans are trying to pretend that Draymond doesn’t like us, Draymond hates the Knicks. He doesn’t hate the Knicks. However, I’m honest and I’m not disappointed.