Knicks, will RJ Barrett be able to become an All Star?

The biggest question mark for Knicks fans next season is whether RJ Barrett will finally become the All-Star caliber player he was supposed to be.

At 23 years old, Barrett is entering his fifth season in the league, but there are still many unknowns surrounding the forward. It looked like he would finally become a star after a strong second half in 2022, but that was followed by a lackluster season full of inconsistencies on both ends of the floor.

For Barrett to really take a step forward, he needs to improve his outside shooting. Last season, he shot a career-low 31% from beyond the arc, a drop of three percentage points from the previous season and a drop of nine points from his career-high of 40% in 2021.

While it’s unlikely he’ll hit 40% from outside again, even a marginal improvement from beyond the arc will help turn Barrett into a well-rounded scorer, giving the Knicks a more balanced offensive attack.