Tom Thibodeau responds to Jimmy Butler in his classic style: ‘I’ll tear him apart’

Forward Jimmy Butler and Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau appear to be feuding after Butler called out his former coach for having a one-sided relationship with him.

“I love Thibs but I don’t want him. Thibs, I love you, honey! But I want to beat you to a pulp. You want me, I don’t want you. It’s like a one-sided relationship. You’re in love with me and I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

Thibodeau responded in classic Thibs fashion, pretending not to know who Butler is before turning his threat on him again.

“Who? I don’t know him. But I’ll tear him to pieces.”

Butler’s most extensive quote was that he said the Knicks and Celtics would both be at home if he were healthy, laughing at the idea of Josh Hart stopping him.

“If I played, Boston would be home, New York would definitely be home,” Butler said. “Josh Hart? Come on, man.

Butler and Thibodeau are clearly joking as the pair shares a great rapport given their previous experiences. Thibodeau was Butler’s first coach in the NBA with the Chicago Bulls before also coaching Butler in his next stop with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Although their relationship ended in 2018 after 10 games with the Wolves when Butler was traded and Thibs was subsequently fired, it’s easy to see how Thibs’ personality shaped the player we know Butler to be. The aggressive coaching style deployed by the Knicks coach is not easy to resist, but Butler has thrived and blossomed into an NBA star.