Steph Curry advised Donte DiVincenzo to choose the Knicks

The Timberwolves were a serious suitor for Donte DiVincenzo and had a real chance to sign him when he hit free agency last summer, league sources tell The Athletic’s Fred Katz. DiVincenzo, who was also considering “significant” offers from a few other teams besides the Knicks, reached out to former Warriors teammate Stephen Curry to seek his advice, according to Katz.

As Katz writes, DiVincenzo was leaning towards the Knicks and Curry helped him finalize that decision, confirming that New York would be a good fit for his abilities.

“Just looking at the depth chart and the role he could play, what they needed,” Curry said. “They were already a playoff team, and they were starting to go in the right direction. Then (there’s) his familiarity with college players. That gave him the opportunity to come in and do exactly what he did for us. He is an intelligent, high-IQ basketball player who plays defense.

DiVincenzo, who said he would have liked to stay in Golden State if the Warriors were able to make a competitive offer, appreciated Curry’s contributions.

“I’m a grown man. I make my own decisions, but having someone of that stature almost voice the opinion that I’m thinking – it makes you feel good about the decision you’re making, rather than if he says something out of left field and you start questioning things ,” DiVincenzo said. “…he reinforced what I was thinking about New York.”