Miles McBride is an ‘NBA player for a reason’

McBride, a former second-round pick, finished what he started and hit a key 3-pointer that put the game away for good in the final 3:29 of the fourth quarter.

3-pointers from Curry and Klay Thompson came late for Golden State as New York steadied themselves at the free throw line to finish up 3-0 on their current four-game road trip.

“You probably don’t expect Miles McBride to go 9 of 13 and have 29 [points], but it’s a fantastic game,” Kerr said, before pumping breaks on the Knicks’ reserve guard. “He IS an NBA player for a reason and so he had a night and I thought they dealt us out early with that
starting line-up. And with the pick and roll and then McBride got free a couple of times and that kept him going.

So there are nights where you can try to do everything right but the kids just get loose. Having said that, I thought we had a lot of breakdowns.