Game 1 between the Knicks and Pacers is decided by a point-to-point final, where the home team wins, dragged once again by Brunson

The Pacers shake Madison Square Garden in the opening game of a series that brings back an almost thirty-year old rivalry. The Knicks had to accelerate in the 4th quarter to come back and overcome Indiana, who complained of a questionable offensive foul called on Myles Turner at -1 with 13 seconds left. The coolness of Donte DiVincenzo from long range and Jalen Brunson from the free throw line sealed the home team’s victory.

Jerry West, Bernard King and Michael Jordan. These are the players capable of going over 40 points in 4 consecutive playoff games, now reached by Brunson. Against Indiana the Knicks star is once again unstoppable and finishes with 43 points, shooting 14/26 from the field and managing the ball even in the very tight final.

24 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists, 9/13 from the field and, as usual since he replaced the injured Julius Randle in the starting five, 48 minutes played. If Brunson is the cover man of these Knicks, there is no doubt that Josh Hart is the beating heart. And even against the Pacers the former Lakers and Pelicans player is nothing short of decisive.

As expected, game 1 is played point-to-point and to win it New York needs two plays from DiVincenzo. First comes the triple that breaks the tie with 39 seconds left, and shortly after the former Warriors and Bucks player is very clever in highlighting the contact on Turner’s block, prompting the referees to call an offensive foul. In the end his scoreboard says 25 points with 10/17 from the field and 5/9 from three.

The most anticipated of the Pacers, Tyrese Haliburton, is rarely seen and in game 1 he only took 6 shots, finishing with 6 points and 8 assists. However, Indiana remains in the game until the end thanks to Turner’s performance (23 points) and again thanks to the contribution from the bench of T.J. McConnell (18 points) and Obi Toppin (12 points and 6 rebounds).

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