Is Jalen Brunson a top-five Knick?

Charles Oakley’s statement that Brunson is the greatest Knicks player since Walt Frazier was obviously captive to the hot take moment that can easily be forgiven. However, the question of whether Brunson is a top-five pick in franchise history is certainly an interesting point to consider.

Brunson has now gone further than Carmelo Anthony with the Knicks (the second round of the playoffs), and has done so on twice as many occasions as Anthony (two on one). If the Knicks, as expected, break through and reach the conference finals this season, it will be the first time they have done so in more than two decades.

However, even then, Brunson would need at least one Finals appearance (highly unlikely with the Boston Celtics lurking in the East) to get close to the conversation with Ewing, and even that might not be enough to actually put him in first place .

Knicks fans will probably be better off simply enjoying the moment without the need to compare it to the past.

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