Knicks, unveiled what should have been the trade with Fournier

A few months ago, New York Knicks fans expected to hear that Evan Fournier had been traded. Instead, the shooting guard remained on the New York roster past the trade deadline, even though he was unable to rejoin Tom Thibodeau’s rotation.

According to Yahoo Sports’ Jake Fischer, New York was looking to get Malik Beasley and Jarred Vanderbilt in a deal that would have resulted in Fournier’s departure. The Knicks have already shown interest in Beasley and the front office was known to be interested in him before the deadline, but he and Vanderbilt were traded to the Lakers instead.

A day after the Lakers were part of a three-team trade that brought Malik Beasley and Jarred Vanderbilt to Los Angeles, the Knicks traded for Josh Hart.

Fortunately for the Knicks, the deal for Beasley and Vanderbilt fell through. Hart has been feeling great in New York and is expected to give up his player option in 2023-24 to sign a new contract with the Knicks. After being traded in the last two terms, Hart said he wants to go home to New York and the front office should be more than happy to help him do that.