After Josh Hart, who will be the next Knicks extension?

After Josh Hart’s contract extension, the Knicks will deal Quickley’s extension deadline is on the eve of the 2023-24 regular season. So both sides have plenty of time to reach an agreement. It would be odd if the Knicks allowed Quickley to enter the season as a limited free agent in 2024. In that scenario, New York would risk losing Quickley for nothing if he signs an offer sheet that the Knicks refuse to match.

If the Knicks and Quickley agree to an extension, New York would have seven rotation players under contract through at least 2024-25.

The money New York spent on Hart shouldn’t have a significant impact on what the club would offer Quickley. Both extensions begin in 2024-25. New York will have to deal with the luxury tax if it pledges significant money to Quickley. But team governor James Dolan has never shied away from spending tax money on luxury in the past. If this Knicks team stays competitive, I can’t see luxury tax payments prohibiting them from spending as they see fit.