The Knicks will finally have three All-Stars

Seeded fifth last season, the Knicks earned a blowout victory over the Cavaliers in the playoffs. Grow the stars of some key players for the Knicks; no one shined more than Jalen Brunson in the playoffs.

In the 4-1 series win over Cleveland, Brunson averaged 31 points and six assists against the eventual Eastern Conference Finals champion Miami Heat. With 37 points per game in his last three playoff games, Brunson put the NBA world on notice.

Along with Brunson, the rising RJ Barrett will look to shock the world. After an incredible run during the FIBA World Cup tournament, Barrett was given command as a formidable second option on the bronze-winning team. Barrett could take a big step forward alongside Brunson, as both will be fit mid-season after an incredible summer run.

Both of their ascensions will leave room for two-time All-Star Julius Randle to operate freely and not overexert himself following an ankle injury that hampered him in recent playoffs. When voting for the stars returns, all three of their names could be on the list.