Jalen Brunson scores 40+ points in four consecutive playoff games

New York Knicks guard Jalen Brunson becomes the fourth player in NBA history to record 40+ points in four consecutive playoff games following his 43-point performance against the Pacers on Monday, May 6 in Game 1.

21 of Brunson’s 43 points came in the fourth quarter helping the Knicks rally from nine points down and defeat the Pacers 121-117. Brunson became the second Knick in NBA history to record 40-plus points in four consecutive games, joining Bernard King, who had four straight in 1984. NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West holds the record for most consecutive 40+ point playoff games with six in the 1965 postseason, and NBA legend Micheal Jordan recorded four straight en route to winning his third straight championship in 1993.

Brunson completed the final three games of the Eastern Conference Playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers, scoring 47, 40 and 41 points. He averaged 35.5 points per game in the six games he played with the Knicks in the first round of the playoffs. Brunson and the Knicks will host the Indiana Pacers for Game 2 on Wednesday, May 8, where fans hope Brunson can continue his magical run.