Knicks, he loves New York but feels hostage to the Knicks

Evan Fournier went from expecting a change of address to simply hoping, even suggesting he felt like he was “held hostage,” Fournier said in an interview with French radio station RTL.

“I’m still in New York at the moment,” Fournier said. “I want to leave. But in addition to leaving, I want to have the opportunity to recover some time playing. That’s it. That’s above all. Because I feel extremely comfortable in New York. I love living there, I love the franchise, I love playing at the Madison Square Garden, I love the guys on the team.

“So I just want to play, that’s all. It’s true that finding another club, changing franchises, if that’s what you have to do to play again, that’s what I’d like to do.”

Fournier was out of the Knicks’ rotation late last November after starting the year as a starter and has only played significant minutes since then due to injury.