The Knicks’ overall metrics improved a lot after the trade

Since December 30, the day the Knicks acquired Anunoby, New York has the second-best net rating in the league , behind only the Cleveland Cavaliers. Additionally, the Knicks have given up just 102.6 points per game over the same span, the best mark in the league.

The Knicks also moved into the top five in net rating on the season, currently ranked fifth, and are seventh in defensive rating despite nearly a full month having passed before the trade filled with treacherous defensive efforts.

Anunoby’s impact has been historically good, as his +239 plus/minus makes him the first player in NBA history with at least +175 plus/minus in his first 13 games with a new team. Additionally, Anunoby’s on/off metrics show how big of an impact he really has. With Anunoby on the court, the Knicks’ net rating is a staggering 24.7, compared to -14.6 with Anunoby off the court.