The Knicks are forced to give up the trade of a star

There has been a lot of speculation about Joel Embiid and the Knicks. Embiid likely fueled that speculation after telling Maverick Carter earlier this month that he wants to win an NBA title, “whether it’s in Philadelphia or elsewhere.”

There is an organic connection between the Knicks and Embiid. New York team president Leon Rose was one of CAA’s top agents before taking on his current role. Rose represented Embiid.

The Knicks could put together a strong trade package for Embiid or any other star on the trade market. They can hand out up to eight first-round picks; the club also has several young players in business who will look friendly as the salary cap continues to rise.

But before we figure out what packages the Knicks can offer for Embiid or how it might suit the Knicks, you need to answer this question: Does Embiid want to be traded? And would the Sixers trade him?

The answer to both of these questions, at the moment, is a resounding no.