Should the Knicks trade Damian Lillard?

The Knicks emerged as the favorites to get seven-time all-star Damian Lillard if he became available. The prospect of having “Dame Dolla” in New York City is tempting, but the Miami Heat appears to be Lillard’s favorite destination. The Heat are reportedly the only team willing to pay the steep price for the players and future draft picks the Trailblazers are looking for.

“As I look across the league and talk to executives and agents, I can’t identify another team that is seriously bidding for Damian Lillard at this point,” said ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. “My belief is that the Heat can’t do that either.”

With talks between the Heat and Blazers stalled, the Knicks may be attempting to hammer out an exceptional deal for Lillard. The Knicks have the pieces needed to make a Dame-level trade and if they pull off, it could be the move that catapults the Knicks into legitimate championship contenders.