Jimmy Butler slams the Knicks and calls out Josh Hart

Butler didn’t make it this year, but he can’t stop talking about beating the New York Knicks in the postseason.

Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler offered an interesting take that will remain hypothetical, boldly declaring that his health, or lack thereof, is the only reason South Beach basketball is closed for the season. Speaking to LL Cool J Rock’s hip-hop station The Bells, Butler said his healthy presence would have eliminated both the top-seeded Boston Celtics and the second-place New York Knicks.

“If I was playing, Boston would be at home, New York would definitely be pumping at home,” Butler said. When the Rock the Bells interviewer brought up the danger of Josh Hart’s defense, Butler rhetorically asked “what the f*** does that mean to me?”

Butler seemed a little more concerned about Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau, his original NBA boss when he entered the profession with the Chicago Bulls in 2011.

“I love Thibs, but I don’t want Thibs,” Butler said. “Thibs, I love you honey, but I want to beat you to a pulp. You want me. I don’t want you. It’s like a one-sided relationship. You’re in love with me and I love you but I’m not in love with you.”

Hart responded indirectly to Butler’s dig on his Instagram story, using the rapper 50 Cent meme to react to his unexpected inclusion in South Florida fantasies.

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