Quentin Grimes may represent the future of the Knicks

Of all the Knicks’ young players, Grimes has the most clearly defined role. Grimes just turned 23 and it was his first time competing in an NBA playoff atmosphere. He was a quality defender, protecting the likes of Donovan Mitchell and Jimmy Butler through two playoff series.

Grimes showed more skill in moments of lesser importance. Over the last nine games of the regular season, Grimes averaged 21.9 points on 54.3% shooting. At the time, Grimes was a prolific shooter, throwing 10 triples a game and shooting 47.8 percent.

It would be nice to see the regular season Grimes attacking hard shutouts with straight-line drives and offloading passes. The Knicks need to find a better way to find him open on the perimeter to keep the defense honest.