Knicks, Mason Plumlee can be a valuable reinforcement

With Mitchell Robinson still injured in his hand, the Knicks have been somewhat understaffed in their frontcourt. Julius Randle played additional minutes to compensate, while Nerlens Noel and Taj Gibson did an admirable job replacing the young center.

But the team may need to bring in another experienced player to help provide rebound and strength.

Mason Plumlee is having a solid year with a downtrodden Detroit Pistons team. He is nearly double averaging and has just under 4 assists per night.

Those numbers would increase immeasurably if he were sold to New York, but his intrinsic value would be immense. Even when Robinson returns, it will be difficult to fully trust him in the big games as he is so young. Gibson is a solid filler player, but he’s not suited for heavy minutes at this stage in his career. Plumlee can still bounce well and provide a presence in the paint.

Plus, the Knicks are $ 20 million under the roof and can afford to absorb his salary.