The Knicks must take JJ Redick into consideration

The pairing between Redick and the Knicks almost makes too much sense. Even though New York is a respectable 12th in the NBA on the three-point percentage, the players on their roster have no track record of being that deadly from the center.

Elfrid Payton, Derrick Rose, RJ Barrett and Julius Randle were impressive, but it would be very much to ask them to continue their expertise from within.

While his defense isn’t up to Tom Thibodeau’s standards, Redick could still come into play for 15-20 minutes a night as a deadly spacer.

The teams will have no choice but to stay with him on the perimeter. This will allow for cleaner driving lanes for other players on the pitch and keep the Knicks’ attack flowing. Beyond these factors, Redick already has a home in New York City, and he may not mind living there in the spring and summer months.