Kevin Durant’s agent dad wanted him to join the Knicks in 2019

Kevin Durant’s agent, Rich Kleiman, revealed on the latest episode of “Boardroom” that he wanted his best client to join the team he’s rooted for since childhood, the New York Knicks, during NBA free agency in 2019.

Durant’s father and uncle were on board with Kleiman until Durant chose instead to join his friend, Kyrie Irving, in Brooklyn. The superstar’s free agency decision in 2019 became a flowing moment in his career and NBA history.

“Let’s say this, you went to the Knicks after the Bay, right? And you’ve never won a championship. But you went to the conference finals, maybe the finals, maybe the second round of the playoffs. I actually think you would be in that combo [of the greatest players] faster than because of what you did,” Kleiman said.

Durant acknowledged Kleiman’s assessment of what he could be.

“I know it was so hard for you,” Durant told Kleiman, referring to his decision to sign with the Nets that forced Kleiman to turn his back on his beloved Knicks for two years. “That’s why I love you so much because that was the hardest thing above all else.”