Josh Hart thinks 76ers fans are “idiots” for one thing

New York Knicks forward Josh Hart is a little confused by how Philadelphia 76ers fans reacted to one thing in particular during their playoff run.

Much has been made of the Knicks’ connection to Villanova, with Hart, Jalen Brunson and Donte DiVincenzo all having played for the school. That led Villanova’s X account to post highlights of those players’ exploits against the 76ers, which sparked a backlash among some Philadelphia sports fans, who think the suburban Philadelphia university should stick hometown of the 76ers.

Hart was asked about that reaction Wednesday and found the Philadelphia fans’ reaction ridiculous.

“This is stupid. Villanova is in our blood, brother,” Hart said. “It’s a bond that goes deeper than where you’re from or who you support. We have a bond there that goes beyond basketball, that goes beyond anything else. For Philly fans to be upset about this, I think it’s idiotic. This is who we are. We are a family. We play for those who come before us there.

“I am not interested. I think it’s idiotic that Philadelphia fans are upset about this because, whether they like it or not, Villanova is in our blood.”

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