Tyrese Maxey can have a good impact on the Knicks

Tyrese Maxey did not play as a point guard in Kentucky and probably won’t become one in the NBA. Maxey is a classic tweener guard coming to the league. He is an all-rounder who could have a big impact.

Although Maxey can be locked up as a shooting guard, that doesn’t mean he can’t perform limited playmaker duties. Maxey was prolific as a pick-and-roll ball manager in Kentucky.

Despite his 6’3 ″ stature, Maxey has no problem evaluating opponents in defense. Tyrese Maxey, one of the strongest pound-for-pound players in the draft, bullies on defense.

Maxey’s combination of strength and speed is what allows him to defend both fast point guards and taller shooters. Coach Tom Thibodeau may fall in love with his defense.

Maxey is by no means a knockdown shooter, but he showed the mechanics and shot 83% off the free throw line last season.

Maybe he’s not a superstar, but Tyrese Maxey’s shot creation and bullish defense are reasons enough to believe he can be an impact player for the Knicks for years to come.