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Knicks, Cole Anthony is a risk choice for NY

Once considered a potential # 1 pick, Cole Anthony’s stock plummeted last year.

Anthony played on a very weak UNC team, and the most common criticisms from scouts are that he tried to play too much “hero ball”. Anthony often took shoddy shots and made incorrect passes, leading many to believe he was not the general that many thought he could become.

Perhaps the main reason for Anthony’s selfish game was the team around him. It’s definitely something to consider in its draft profile. He needed to have the ball in his hands for his team to have any chance of winning and the opposing defenses focused on him.

He may not be the most physically imposing guard, but Anthony is explosive. He has a good first step and knows how to create space. Of course, he also has a great range in his shooting.

Cole Anthony played point guard in college. Point guards “shoot first” exist, but many of the prolific lead guards in the NBA are just as effective at passing the ball. Maybe the point guard isn’t calling Anthony.

There is no question that Cole Anthony is a risky choice for the Knicks at 8. There are, however, reasons to believe he can thrive in a smaller role with better spacing in the NBA. His positive side is tempting.