Thibodeau and his staff at the Knicks: No final decisions have been made

Tom Thibodeau has confirmed that the Knicks front office will have some input regarding his coaching staff – a trial source says he has been new to him since he has already chosen his boys.

GM Knicks Scott Perry said Thibodeau “will have autonomy over who he hires”. However, The Post reported that new executive vice president William Wesley has lobbied for Thibodeau to diversify his coaching staff from previous assignments in Chicago and Minnesota. Mike Woodson and Mike Miller, former interim coach of the Knicks, are expected to be part of Thibodeau’s staff. Miller has one year left for his contract. Wesley took Woodson back when he coached the Knicks.

“No final decisions have been made,” Thibodeau said Thursday in his introductory call to Zoom. “But when you put your staff together, you are looking at the qualities that you think can best fit your team, what you think you need. I think you always sit with your front office to go beyond the people you think they can help.

“I am confident that we will sit down, I will listen to [the] people they have, I will recommend some people I know. Some of them will be on both lists. I really feel comfortable with that. I think we will get a great staff and I can’t wait to get started. “