Jamal Crawford talks about the Knicks, Thibodeau, Rose and sends a message to New York fans

Jamal Crawford spoke to The Post about the new Knicks that are being born:

“I think Thibodeau will be prepared for the Knicks, I think he will build culture and I think he will bring strong leadership. They will certainly be very professional”.

Crawford also spoke about World Wide Wes:

“I’ve known him since I was in high school. Wes knows everyone. And not a person I know has a bad thing to say about him. And that’s hard to do in this area. So respected on so many levels. He only has a great I think it brings a legitimate perspective that people really look at, so it will be a huge, huge resource. “

In his interview, Crawford spoke also about Leon Rose:

“I’ve never worked with him, but I’ve known him since I was with the Bulls because Rick Brunson was like a mentor for me on that team and he was with Leon, so I had the chance to get to know Leon and be around him a lot. I love that guy”.

Crawford closes his interview by also sending a message to Knicks fans:

“I think the plan is in place to really move forward. I think they are really on the right track. Their future is bright”.