The reasons why Seth Curry is the best option for the Knicks

One popular name associated with the Knicks this offseason has been veteran guard Seth Curry, who is heading into unrestricted free agency after a season-and-a-half stint with club rival, the Brooklyn Nets.

Although New York technically ranked fourth in scoring efficiency with a scoring rate of 117 points per 100 possessions in 2022-23, their shooting production has been less than threatening as they finished 19 in percentage by 3 points and 20 in overall field goal percentage. During the postseason, those numbers only managed to get worse as they grossed the worst at 29.2% of their playoff attempts from deep and the third worst at 43.3% from the field.

It is because of these menial factors that a guy like Curry has been a much-talked-about option for Leon Rose to consider for the hunt.

If the Knicks were determined to up their shooting game, there’s an argument to be made that a player like Seth Curry could be their best option.