Ben Stiller criticizes Richard Jefferson’s coverage of the Knicks

When it comes to celebrities attending sporting events, some are genuine fans, while others seem to be just there to be seen. But if there was ever any doubt which category Ben Stiller falls into, he made it clear on Sunday by taking to social media to complain about broadcasters in the Game 4 matchup between his beloved New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Notably, it was ESPN’s Richard Jefferson who drew the Zoolander star’s ire. During the second quarter of the first-round matchup, Stiller turned to X to offer an observation about Jefferson’s analysis on the ABC call.

“Richard Jefferson claims Embiid doesn’t get calls and doesn’t foul,” Stiller wrote.

Stiller wasn’t paying homage to Norm MacDonald by live tweeting what was on television. Rather, it was easy enough to read between the lines that the Dodgeball star didn’t agree with Jefferson’s analysis regarding Embiid and was presenting it in a way to make him seem ridiculous.

So much so that after the game — a 97-92 Knicks win to take a 3-1 series lead — Jefferson tweeted Stiller with a response.

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