The Knicks are working on a new successful trade

All summer, the NBA world has revolved around Damian Lillard. His presence on the trade market dominated the conversation. Ultimately, Lillard was moved. He is officially a member of the Milwaukee Bucks. It almost didn’t happen that way.

Yes, he was most often linked to the Miami Heat. They weren’t the only team with rumored interest in Lillard. For some time, it looked like the Toronto Raptors were the favorites for Lillard’s services. Ultimately, it was suggested that they were unwilling to part ways with OG Anunoby.

This makes sense. If the Raptors acquired Lillard, Anunoby is exactly the type of player they would want on their roster. That doesn’t mean the Raptors wouldn’t move Anunoby. It is possible that they would be willing to part with him if they decided to rebuild. Could they send him to the New York Knicks?

The commercial proposal
Toronto Raptors receive: G/F Evan Fournier, 2026 first-round pick (NYK), 2028 first-round pick (NYK)
New York Knicks receive: F OG Anunoby

Anunoby is the right target for any team looking to compete. As one of the best 3-and-D wings in the NBA, Anunoby is extremely portable. There is no player on this team that he couldn’t coexist with.

Plus, he’ll compliment New York’s best players. Anunoby’s floor spacing and transition skills will enhance the playmaking of Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle. Meanwhile, he should form an elite defensive dynamic alongside Mitchell Robinson. With Robinson protecting the rim and Anunoby on the wings, scoring on the Knicks will suddenly become a chore.