The former NBA champion talks about Joel Embiid’s controversial play

On Thursday night, the Philadelphia 76ers took the field for Game 3 against the New York Knicks. Joel Embiid was going to be a focal point of this matchup, both because of his play and some of his actions on the court.

The biggest conversation about Embiid’s performance is a play with Mitchell Robinson under the basket. Embiid was on the floor as the Knicks big man was coming up for a shot attempt. While in the air, Embiid appears to grab Robinson by the ankle and pull him down.

Since Robinson was defenseless, many thought Embiid should have been ejected from the game for this play. In the end he remained, while Robinson had to leave due to an ankle injury.

Among those who shared their thoughts on this play was Kendrick Perkins. He believes that Embiid should have been removed from the game because he could have seriously injured his opponent.