Reasons why the trade with Kyle Kuzma might make sense for the Knicks

The New York Knicks are always looking for a star to improve the roster after a season that saw New York finish in the semifinals against the Heat. The idea that Kyle Kuzma could join the Knicks is very tantalizing.

Kyle Kuzma has a $13 million player option for next season that he will most likely turn down. The Washington Wizards can offer him up to five years, $194 million if they give Kuzma a maximum contract.

In his season with the Wizards, Kuzma had significant playing time that would decrease if he were to sign with the Knicks. It hasn’t been a brilliant season with three-point shooting, but Kuzma has shown that he has improved his defense. For this reason, he could be suitable for Thibodeau’s game which could also make him grow a lot defensively.

Imagine Kuzma with Brunson, Randle, Barrett, Hart, Quickley…just say wow. The arrival of Kuzma could really thrill the Knicks and its fans.