Denver Nuggets, Jokic celebrates in his own way: “Job done, we can go home”

“The job has been done, now we can go home.” We have understood for some time that Nikola Jokic is not a man of many words nor one who likes to express his emotions, and not even the victory of the first MVP title of his career has moved him much. A few seconds after the end of game 5 against the Miami Heat which crowned the Denver Nuggets as NBA champions, the Serbian’s first thought was to go and greet all the members of the Miami Heat, and only after – hunted down by Lisa Salters, an ESPN sideline who admitted before the conference final against the Lakers that he didn’t know him well (although he is already a two-time MVP) – celebrated together with the rest of his family.

“It’s incredible, Miami is a great team – he said in the interview on the pitch -, I respect them a lot. We made an enormous effort to win, even today when we never scored. We defended strongly, we only put in around ninety points, but we did it. The beauty of basketball is that you can never predict how things will go, that’s why it’s a fun sport”, said the Joker, before collecting the Finals MVP trophy.