Raymond Felton Absolutely Believes That Carmelo Anthony is a Superior Scorer Than 4 HOF NBA Players

Former New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton recently appeared on the “Run Your Race” podcast to say that Carmelo Anthony is a better scorer than Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kobe Bryant.

Raymond Felton and Carmelo Anthony were part of the New York Knicks in the early 2010s. But they never became teammates as they were traded for each other in a five-player, three-pick deal between New York Knicks and the Denver Nuggets in February 2011. However, that didn’t stop Felton from making such a bold statement.

“That guy, the way he can score, how easy it is for him, I don’t know anyone who’s better, to be honest with you. I’m talking about Tracy McGrady, I’m talking about MJ, I’m talking about Kobe, LeBron, all these guys. The way he scored at every level, I don’t know anyone better, really,” Felton said of Carmelo Anthony.

“I didn’t see KD shoot the post like I saw Melo shoot the post. Can KD score? For sure. My goodness. That man can score easily. Easily scores for him from 7 feet. But Melo, I saw Melo scoring everywhere. I haven’t seen KD post anyone and I’ll just do you dirty by just posting the entire game. I saw Melo do it,” he concluded.