Proposed trade for Obi Toppin to the Clippers

Obi Toppin was floated as a potential trade target for the Los Angeles Clippers in exchange for their first-round draft pick in the June 22 NBA Draft.

If the Clippers decide to continue building around Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, The Athletic’s Sam Vecenie believes their best course of action is to shift their pick “for a more athletic dimension and guys who facilitate ball movement in attack with fast processing speed. “

Vecenie suggested a Draft Night trade, a straight trade between the Knicks and Clippers.

“For example, I’m wondering if something along the lines of #30 for Obi Toppin might make sense if the New York Knicks are reluctant to pay Toppin long-term, given that he’s eligible for an extension this offseason”, Vecenie said in a draft analysis. with his colleague Law Murray, The Athletic’s Clippers beat the reporter.

“Toppin shines well in inconsistent minutes, but he hasn’t put together a full season yet. Restarting his timeline with a different player on a rookie contract might make sense for the Knicks as they search for a star and keep the flexibility available in that search”, he added.