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New York Congressman Max Rose Says James Dolan Should Sell the Knicks

US Congressman Max Rose of New York’s 11th Congressional District said New York Knicks Governor James Dolan should sell the team as soon as possible.

“They don’t play the playoffs. Nothing is happening,” Rose told TMZ Sports in an interview on Friday. “Every year they don’t play the playoffs, New York City loses. We lose a piece of our soul. Sell tomorrow. Sell today. Do it for the good of us all, brother!”

Dolan has been at the top of the Knicks organization since 1999, the same year as their last NBA Finals appearance, and have made the playoffs just six times in the past 21 seasons. This includes an active seven-year drought in the playoffs, the third longest mark in the league.

“Look, the Knicks have to stay. Dolan just has to sell,” Rose told TMZ. “Push the team to the ground, man. It’s shameful!”