Knicks here is how it will be New York with Chris Paul

With Chris Paul, the Knicks would finally give themselves stability and credibility in the point guard position, something they have been looking for since Stephon Marbury played for his home team, a situation that has morphed into anything but stable.

While Paul is at the end of his career, he still has gas in the tank, as he demonstrated last season by leading the Thunder to a 44-win regular season and appearance in the Western Conference playoffs. Playing for a team that clearly wasn’t ready to compete for a championship, Paul has shown he can stay motivated and provide leadership to the youngsters on the roster.

The Knicks are hoping their key players in RJ Barrett and Mitchell Robinson will make a positive step in their development path next season. Adding a director like Paul would only help them achieve that goal. It would take the pressure off the ball from Barrett and provide a pick-and-roll partner for Robinson.

While there are obvious concerns about Paul’s longevity as a point guard solution, his contract will expire after the 2021-22 season, so if he can at least give the Knicks a healthy campaign, maybe they’ll move him to expiration contract.