NBA: Lakers makes it 2-1 with a monstrous LeBron

After three quarters the match is tied, 82-82, but the last period opens with a 10-0 partial for L.A. that directs the challenge, partial that extends to 17-5 and that in the end sees the Lakers win the last twelve minutes 30-20 and take home game-3. The defense of coach Vogel’s men in the second half was fundamental, with Houston holding only 38 points with 35% shooting.

LeBron James is the absolute dominator of Game-3: 29 of his 36 points arrive in the first half in which he shoots 10/14 from the field with 4/5 from three points. And if at half-time he doesn’t even have a block in the scoresheet, things change in the third quarter when in 10 minutes of basketball he sends a Rockets shot to the sender on 4 occasions. Legendary performance of the yellow-violet No. 23 on both ends of the pitch: they are 36 at the end with 13/23 shooting, 4 triples, 7 rebounds and 5 assists.

Anthony Davis was another defining player for the Lakers, authoring a game-3 of just 13 shots (9 scored) but capable of 26 points, 15 rebounds and 6 assists. However, a decisive Rajon Rondo steals the spotlight, especially in the second half: the former Celtics brings 21 points from the bench (15 after the break), with only 11 shots (8 scored) but also 9 valuable assists.

Houston collapses in the final, but for three quarters he plays equal with the Lakers. The credit goes to a James Harden who touches the triple double with 33 points (11/23 shooting with 4/9 from long distance), 9 assists and as many rebounds, even if “il Barba” struggles in the last twelve minutes when he finds only one basket (from three points) on the four conclusions that is taken in the final quarter. In the end for him (as for all Rockets except Austin Rivers) there is a negative plus / minus (-7) to the siren.

Russell Westbrook reacts well after the disappointing performances of the first races, also capable of reaching 30 in race-3, with also 8 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals. His shooting percentages are also good (13/24 from the field, including a 2/4 from the bow) but it is above all his 11 points in the fourth quarter to impress, the last of the Rockets to give up even in front of the Lakers partial. Houston has 16 points with 7/11 from Jeff Green off the bench and shoots 40% from three points, but on only 30 attempts.