Michael Jordan getting into the Knicks feud was no good with Charles Oakley

For Charles Oakley, Michael Jordan the owner and Michael Jordan the former teammate are two different things.

So when Jordan tried to help reduce the feud between Oakley and James Dolan in 2017 – asking for an interview with the two and Commissioner Adam Silver after the former Knick was arrested and charged with assault following an accident at Garden – Oakley didn’t. I fully appreciate it.

“Michael Jordan shouldn’t have gotten involved,” Oakley, who was Jordan’s teammate for three years on the Bulls, said in a recent interview with VLADTV. “It was nothing for him to do. He is now an owner. So basically it’s, yes, we had a conversation but her conversation isn’t helping me because you’re now working with the owners. I’m just a regular guy on the street now. So what could he say to reverse the situation? It was nothing that needed to be turned around.

“I called him and told him you can’t do anything for us. … So I’m glad he’s always got his back to me, but it’s just a situation where this man [Dolan] got 1000% wrong with what he did and wasn’t punished at all – yet. “