Charles Oakley is suing Dolan and Madison Square Garden

Oakley sued Dolan and Madison Square Garden for defamation, assault and false detention in September 2017, but the civil suit was dropped in February. Oakley has since filed an appeal and said it hopes for a court order by September.

The incident in question occurred during a Knicks game in February 2017 when Oakley was sent off after a scuffle with security that came from Dolan’s alleged trouble. He was later cleared of the charges, but Dolan banned him from Garden and said the former fan favorite “may have a drinking problem.”

“It was a bit of a BS what happened,” Oakley said. “I was only there for eight minutes. For someone to blame me for doing something I didn’t do and you as the owner, put out all these bad claims [that] I have an anger management problem, I have a drinking problem. I’ve been playing in New York for 10 years, none of this has gotten anywhere. You suddenly say I was sitting too close to you, now you want to put me on the bus. It’s just a little bit of BS

“It’s just hard for me to get over something. He hurt my aunts, my mom who raised me, knowing I was never a problem type. But someone jokes with me, I have the right to joke with them. “