Andrew Yang: By choosing Thibodeau, the Knicks may have it all wrong again

(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Andrew Yang is concerned that hiring Knicks manager Tom Thibodeau may not be the right solution. Nor is Yang convinced that the new Knicks administration will change the team’s fortunes with James Dolan as owner.

The former Democratic presidential candidate who participated in seven debates believes he has reason for skepticism. The 45-year-old Westchester native had been a Knicks fan since he was a teenager. Remember to line up outside the Garden for special $ 10 tickets.

Yang, a Knicks voice critic on his Twitter account, recently turned alliances to the Nets because of all the orange and blue heartbreak.

In a 25-minute interview with The Post about his past Knicks fandom, Yang said his hope is that Dolan realizes it’s in Gotham’s best interest to sell the team and wonders if the new president’s vision Leon Rose will never materialize.

“You want to be cautiously optimistic,” Yang said. “Turning the page is good. The main focus you have for Leon Rose is the feeling that he is a relationship guy. Your concern is: Will he be hoping to be saved from some epic free-agent loot with his mighty former clients? This concern somewhat reflects Thibodeau’s assumption that Rose was in a previous relationship.

“You look at Thibodeau with a history of success, heritage and Knicks DNA. This team needed identity, discipline, structure. It delivers those things – all the positives. You think, “so far so good”. But there is also a concern that Thibodeau is the hire [you do] when you are ready to compete, and this team is somehow not ready to compete. Is suitable? “