Lonzo Ball is perfect for the future of the Knicks

Looking at where this Knicks team is now, they must be happy with their roster and development. There seems to be a young core with talent and roles in different positions. The 4 cores of Quickley, Barrett, Robinson and Randle each have different games that can potentially complement each other very well.

With Immanuel Quickley, it’s hard not to be excited about his future. Quickley is currently 2nd among all rookies in evaluating player efficiency and I don’t think anyone doubts his potential. The bigger question surrounding Quickley is whether or not he’s the point guard for the team of the future.

Quickley is clearly a record-breaking point guard, which is fine. He has thrived in his role as a candle from the bench, and while we would definitely like his minutes to increase, he seems very comfortable in his current role. So who can take on the role of the team’s point guard who is simply there to improve his teammates?

The Knicks have two choices in the first round next season. A lot can change from now until the lottery, but those choices will likely be somewhere in the 12-16 and 18-24 range. Will the team simply recruit a “real point guard” and immediately place him as a starter? Play it on Quickley? It is very unlikely.

By adding Lonzo Ball, the team adds a talent still on the rise that can be the point guard’s starting point for years to come. Adding Lonzo Ball won’t take anything away from Quickley and won’t hurt anyone’s progress on the team. The alley-oop connection between Lonzo Ball and Mitchell Robinson is easy to predict.