Knicks, Immanuel Quickley: “I definitely feel like I could have been selected in the Rising Star”

Immanuel Quickley was one of the biggest rookie success stories in the NBA this season. The 25th overall pick is the fourth of all scoring rookies (12.2 points per game), behind only LaMelo Ball, Anthony Edwards and Tyrese Haliburton predictions.

Quickley also helped provide a huge spark for the Knicks off the bench, coming in with energy and showing off his ability to hit a big three or one of his patented floats in the paint when prompted.

But for some reason, Quickley was snubbed by this year’s Rising Stars roster, which is made up of the best rookies and second-year players in the league.

The Rising Stars game wasn’t played this year due to COVID-19 concerns, but Quickley said Wednesday he feels snubbed from making the team.

“Yeah, I definitely feel like I could have been selected”, Quickley said. “But you know, it’s never a reason to (stop) working hard or keep coming with energy every day and being positive for your teammates and being there for your team, so use that as a motivating factor.

“Some things you do, some you don’t. Get rewards. Some rewards you don’t. You just have to keep moving, keep working hard and everything will be fine at the end of the year”.