Knicks Draft, Bolmaro could be a key player

The New York Knicks currently have two second-round choices that will soon be underway. One is theirs and the other previously belonged to the Charlotte Hornets.

One of the players is slated to get NBA minutes in the coming seasons, so these choices can be very important. Hitting on one of these choices will be the key.

Leandro Bolmaro is a 6’8 ″ winger who plays for FC Barcelona’s La Liga ACB. Bolmaro has proven to have become a quality role player in the NBA. The main strength of his game is his aggression on both sides of the floor.

Bolmaro can become a key role player in a winning team. Since it has large dimensions, it will draw bigger players into the paint on these units. This, in turn, will leave open the shooters that the Knicks have in the advanced points, including Julius Randle.

Clearly, Bolmaro has a lot to work on to improve, but he can be an excellent player for the Knicks.