Knicks Draft, RJ Hampton for a great New York

In the next draft, the New York Knicks are about 40 percent likely to have a choice from the top four and about 60 percent to have a choice between six and eight. In a relatively deep lottery this year, the Knicks have many options for filling the many holes they have on their list.

Among the names circulating in the Knicks orbit there is also that of RJ Hampton. Frank Ntilikina didn’t demonstrate the ability to score from all three levels or thrive as an NBA-level director, which creates this need. Hampton and RJ Barrett would fit very well in the NBA defense zone for the Knicks. Both have a great length in guard positions and can manage themselves on the defensive end at the NBA level. Hampton was one of the best prospects for high school, although his actions have declined somewhat since then.

Hampton, Barret, Kevin Knox, Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson from the age of five would be a great formation for the Knicks next year.